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Rose Buds by Boop Designs

Rose Buds by Boop Designs

There are 5 beautiful separate actions within this package! Create endless colors. Mix and match the buds and stems for ENDLESS combinations. Very user friendly and versatile that you will use these actions over and over.
Includes one Photoshop .atn action file with the five separate following actions
•sprouting rose bud
•rosebud with plain stem
•bud only
•rose bud with foliage
•foliage only
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Color Palette Strips by Boop Designs

Color Palette Strips by Boop Designs
Want a create a custom color palette to include with your next project? Or, do you create from a color palette? No matter what your needs this action is a huge time saver and one of a designers need to have tools. This Photoshop Action has 3 separate actions. Just choose which color palette you need 3, 8 or 12 colors and press play. The action lets you select whatever colors you want and even create a text box where all you have to do it type in the color # . Take your saved color swatches and place them in your project file. You will always have a color palette for later use. Make endless palettes and use them over and over. This action is a perfect designers tool for the beginner to the advanced artist. You will wonder how you ever did without it!!!
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Easter Overlay BUNDLE by Boop Designs

Easter Overlay BUNDLE by Boop Designs
For an EGGtraordinary savings, check out this Easter Overlays Bundle. You get 25 patterned overlays in this overlay bundle package to help you out with all your Easter designing projects! Previously, I created a series of 5 different overlay sets and now I have combined all five of them to create this savings bundle. All 25 pattern overlays are on transparent 3600 X 3600 background paper. There are created at 300 dpi. Created an endless amount of scrapbooking kits and/or individual digital scrapbook pages with these useful Easter pattern papers.

Not looking for this many overlays? Be sure to check out my 5 different Easter overlay sets. They have 5 individual overlays in each set.
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Easter Egg Creator by Boop Designs

Easter Egg Creator by Boop Designs
Want a fast and super easy way to create beautiful customized eggs? Here you go! Load the action and simply press play! Presto, you have yourself customized eggs ready to for your next Easter project. This Photoshop action has 4 separate actions! Choose from 2 different shaped eggs. Decorate with any color or patten. You can even add your own image! With all these options, you can crank out an endless amount of totally different eggs in no time!

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Grid Lines by Boop Designs

Grid Lines by Boop Designs
How many times have you went to create something and it took you forever just to create the gridline for your project? I also had this issue so I decided to create a quick and simple time saver action to saves more time for my creations. By using an existing grid you can save up to a half an hour at best.

This Photoshop action had done the hard work for you. There are four (4) different grid sizes to choose from. You get the following:

1 inch grid (giving you a 12x12 block area)
2 inch grid (giving you a 6x6 block area)
3 inch grid (giving you a 5x5 block area)
4 inch grid (giving you a 3x3 block area)

These premade grids are great for making Alpha sets, scrapbooks pages or whatever your designing needs may be… With this very useful and handy tool that this Photoshop Action creates, you will be able to use over and over again. Talk about the ultimate designer’s tool!!! Most of all this action is a GREAT Time Saver for any graphic artist, digital scrap designer or hybrid scrapbooking enthusiast. It just doesn’t get any easier than this. As with all my Photoshop Actions, this action is very user friendly, load the action and simply follow the prompts!

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