Alpha Tags

* * * Alpha Tags * * *
If you like my “Alpha Creator” then you’re gonna love this new action. I created an action that creates Alpha Tags! This super time saving action will create a tag that you can design with whatever style option you wish. Pick any color, gradient or pattern for your tag. Get creative by adding shadows, a stroke or any other style option you want. Then, after you get your tag designed how you like it, this nifty action will continue on and add a letter on it. No, you are not done personalizing it just yet. Just like the tag you now get to decorate the style for your letter with any color, gradient, pattern or style option that best coordinates with your tag. The action finishes up be creating a full set of your newly designed alpha tags with the letters A through Z on them. Just think of it…. You will be able to crank out alpha tag after alpha tag with a press of a few buttons!!!! This action will pay for itself in no time. Think of the time you will save with this action. It doesn’t get more streamlined than this.
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